It took about a year before he was really good. „Are you insane?“, he would ask himself, more than he would have like to, but this phrase helped him more than anything to keep pushing himself, which was all he needed to learn beatboxing

He called himself a typical shower singer, not least because the acoustics in the bathroom were so good. For a long time it was also necessary that no one really listened to him, but somehow his first performance was at a school concert in front of 150 people. It was incredibly exciting. But despite the huge stage fright, he continued and managed it. At a Newcomer Festival in Bremen, he was able to excite up to 600 people in the tent, as a beatboxer and as a presenter.

Even though his father brought him tapes from all over the world, he would never have thought that music would become his passion. At eight, he was fascinated by the saxophone, but somehow it was never the right instrument for him and practicing was more of a torture for him - and others. But at 13 came the defining experience, randomly watching a beatbox video. Shortly thereafter, he started a small band with friends and covered a lot of songs for fun. He discovered his vocal and improvisational talents. Especially "Reggae" and "Rhythm and Blues" fascinate him.

He had his most beautiful composing experience in the dunes of Amrum, where his friends and him were composing a sleeping song for children on the beach. Much to the delight of their parents, they actually fell asleep.

Even before he graduated, he realized he wanted to do something with music. His heart really belongs to his home town of Bremen, but through an internship it took him to the south-west of Germany, where he met Michele.